Thursday, 21 March 2013

Concerning Bloglovin'

Just a quick mutter from me re bloglovin'. 

 I have read such varied stories about what will happen in July to our Google Reader.  
The general idea now seems to be that we will not lose our followers/following.

An observation from me is that I am really enjoying using bloglovin' and I am ready should my lovely followers/following disappear.  

  I have just spent some time sorting out the blogs I follow into folders on bloglovin'. 
 I still have some work to do on this but I have chosen folders like Blog Challenges, Craft Blogs and Inspirational.  
 I will further refine these through time but do not regret the time I have spent working on this.
 You do not have the option to sort out the blogs you are following via Google Reader.
When I have a new entry and I view on bloglovin' I can see how many new entries there are in each folder and view the appropriate folder. 
 So much fun.  How sad am I.

If you do decide to transfer your reading list to bloglovin' it will not affect your Google Reader and I would be so pleased to see you there if you were to decide to follow me.  

Hugs to all


Doreen said...

I have to agree with you Laine,you can do much more with

Aunty Sue said...

i have added you but as you where on my list i am assuming you transfered. not had time to sort or check it out but it does look good

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